Message from Mr. Blue

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Important Message

October 10, 2020


Rainier Jr. Sr. High School parents and students!!!

Many of you are doing well with the distance learning platform; some are still working out the bugs. Wherever you are in the learning process, we want to remind you that credits toward graduation are earned every semester. This year, a semester credit is earned every quarter. That means that a grade will show up on your transcript four times this year. Your first transcript semester grade will take place on November 19, others will follow on January 28, April 8, and June 11. Finals will be given in your classes just prior to those dates. You cannot afford to miss classes or not turn in assignments. If you have been absent, talk with your teacher about getting assignments made up before cutoff dates. Stay focused and positive; staff is here to support you. Have a great weekend.

Mr. Blue, Principal